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  • Sandra Kaplan
    Sandra Kaplan

    My husband and I recently had the amazing experience of visiting Sri Lanka. We have traveled all over Asia and Southeast Asia but Sri Lanka was our most incredible trip. We were there for 3 1/2 weeks, and every day was one of wonder and exciting experiences.
    We were so fortunate to have Chanaka Mahesh as our guide and driver. Chanaka was always knowledgeable, gracious, concern, and always ready to do whatever we wanted to do. There were so many times that he drove out of his way to make certain that we were getting the "off the beaten path" experiences that we wanted to have. Chanaka was always available to do anything we wanted to do beyond our extensively planned itinerary. He was always so pleasant, always on time, and we always knew we could depend on him for giving us wonderful suggestions and good touring advice. In addition, he was an incredible driver as driving in Sri Lanka can be so difficult. Chanaka was always cautious and pleasant no matter how bad the traffic was. In addition to seeing the cultural sites that were on our itinerary, we wanted to interact with the people. We went to and became part of a Poojah, a Hindu ceremony. We were so disappointed because we missed the Buddhist New Year's celebration at our hotel and asked Chanaka to please find us a celebration in one of the villages. Chanaka called all over and found one of the most incredible travel experiences we've ever had. Thanks to Chanaka's ingenuity, we were able to take part of the activities of a small village in their Buddhist celebration of the New Year. Chanaka was so much more than a guide and driver, we felt like he was a friend. Chanaka never wasted our time taking us to "local" shops. In fact, I had to ask him to take us to a store if I wanted to do some shopping. There were so many more instances that Chanaka went out of his way to make our trip so perfect.
    Thank you Chanaka for making every day in such a beautiful and diverse country exciting and special.

  • Alice F
    Alice F

    Mr Chanaka was an amazing tour guide! Very informative and friendly. Really made our trip special and one to remember!

  • Rebecca C
    Rebecca C

    I contacted Explore Lanka about a bespoke tour for our honeymoon after having no luck finding exactly what we wanted with UK tour operators and I’m so glad we did! They came back to me with everything I’d asked for, and things that I would never have thought of! We swapped a couple of the hotels for ones we’d seen that we wanted to stay at, but all of the hotels that they’d picked were also fantastic.
    We were in Sri Lanka for 11 days, with only a couple of days to relax at the end.. in that time we got to know our driver Chanaka fairly well! He was absolutely brilliant at his job, and spoke very good English. He’s probably never been asked to stop to find a toilet as many times as he was with me but he never moaned about it lol in fact it became a bit of a joke. He never took us anywhere we didn’t want to go and basically did whatever we wanted and also took us places we wouldn’t have gone to if we’d been on our own - an authentic Sri Lankan restaurant, and drinking from king coconuts from the side of the road for example. Even though it was a very luxurious trip we still felt like we really got to see Sri Lanka. We will definitely be going back again some day and when we do it will be with Chanaka.

  • Ileana

    On January I made a tour whit this agency An excellent organization Perfect holiday discovering beautiful landscapes Special thanks to Chanaka.

  • Mana Al
    Mana Al

    We did a 6 day, 5 night trip to Sri Lanka and we had the pleasure of having Chanaka as our driver/guide. He was always timely, patient, attentive, professional, friendly and knew the answer to every question we asked about the country. Without a doubt, we would not have enjoyed Sri Lanka without having an amazing guide by our side. The driving in Sri Lanka can be very taunting for someone who is used to drive in England. However, we felt very comfortable and safe with Chanaka as our driver. He was constantly looking after us and was very flexible with our itinerary, which suited us very well. He kept finding ways to make our holiday memorable by stopping on route for coconuts by the road and taking us to local clean restaurants. We also appreciated that he would personally first go and ask for prices before bringing us up to restaurants or shopping spots, for us to get the correct prices.

    We had never taken a guided tour before, however it was a great experience. If we ever return to Sri Lanka we will definitely make sure to ask for Chanaka to be our guide again.